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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kinfolk Magazine-- Honey Harvest.


Was SO excited to open my mailbox on Monday morning to discover that my first issue of Kinfolk had arrived-- hooray! My heart and soul have been captivated by Kinfolk since its first issue was released this past Fall and the more I've seen, the more I've fallen in love. At its very core, Kinfolk is the "marriage of an appreciation for art and design with a love for spending time with family and friends". It's a celebration of small gatherings done the way they ought to be: simply, uncomplicated, and less contrived. It's an effortless harmony beautifully displayed across 144 pages of photographs and featured stories. And my goodness, it's simply divine all the way through.

After spending a wonderful two and a half hours Monday night curled under a blanket and getting lost in the pages of this issue, I could quite literally go on forever about the magic within every feature and photograph that I came across. However, there is one story in particular that I am absolutely smitten by and just had to share: Honey Harvest. Something tells me the photos and video following will speak volumes on their own without my aid. I hope you enjoy.

Honey Harvest from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

All photos above by Leo Patrone, via Kinfolk

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  1. Hi Liz! Just wanted to pop over to say hi--thank you so much for leaving a comment, as I've now discovered your lovely blog. I responded to your question in the comments, but to answer it here as well, yes! We currently live in Ridgewood, one block away from Van Neste Square. Small world :)