joie de vivre-- a cheerful enjoyment of life & an exultation of spirit.


Thanks so much for stopping by this little blog of mine, friends. 
Let's get to know each other, shall we? I'll start-- 

Residing in Brooklyn, NY. Working for an incredible nonprofit that has granted me the ability to both love what I do & do what I love. Enjoying this chapter of life & excited by the prospect of tomorrow.

Farmer's markets. My 50mm lens. Charlottesville, Virginia. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, in a mug. Lazy weekends. My cowboy boots. The smell of pine in December. Letterpress. Climbing mountains & the great outdoors. Quiet nights at home. Snail mail from friends & family. Apples smeared with peanut butter. Life's small details. Executing the perfect surprise.

Will always-- 
Distaste hot, humid weather. Yearn to live on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Crave my mother's strawberry rhubarb crumble. Jump at an excuse to visit friends. Prefer hydrangeas to roses & chocolate to vanilla. Make the most of an impromptu dance party. Withstand the wait for blueberry pancakes from Clinton St. Bakery (Yes- they're that good).

One day, hopes to-- 
Visit all 50 states (currently at 27, and counting). Open a bistro-- something small & quaint. See the view from atop Mount Kilimanjaro. Ride a camel in Egypt, an elephant in Thailand, and an ostrich in South Africa. Cross the finish line of the NYC Marathon. Witness the dark sky come alive with the Northern Lights.

Enjoy your visit to joie de vivre- I do hope you'll come back often.
p.s. don't be shy, feel free to say hello.