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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back To My Roots.

It started with a casual craving for pancakes on a Sunday morning. The skies were the most glorious shade of blue and the first subtle crisp of Fall was finally in the air. It was a day with no plans in place-- a day that yearned for a bit of adventure-- and as our minds drifted back towards our grumbling stomachs, I realized I knew just the spot to go. We hopped in the car and set our sights towards the Tappan Zee.

It had been almost six years since I had last walked that main drag of my hometown. And as we stood on the sidewalk, patiently awaiting our name to be called at the famed local joint downtown, an unexpected jumble of nostalgia was slowly coursing its way through me. In those six years, a lot had changed-- I had changed. And yet, standing there on that Sunday morning, so much felt just the same as it always had. Just up the street, those beautiful old oak trees still draped over the town square, casting shade and dropping acorns on those passing by. And as the clock struck twelve, the sound of a bell from the nearby church began to toll in a familiar pattern that I didn't realize I remembered until I heard myself humming along.

As we spent the afternoon meandering through old neighborhoods and past old haunts, soaking up every bit of that beautiful Fall day, the memories of a childhood past grew stronger with each step. It was a walk down memory lane in its truest and most honest form. And while the cracks in the sidewalk were a bit longer than I last remembered and the trees a bit older and worn, those same strong reminders of a childhood well nurtured still remained-- the view of the city skyline from my favorite perch above town, the unique weave and twist of the road from one neighborhood to the next, and the taste of those monstrously large "single" scoops from Van Dyk's that will forever carry the blue ribbon in my heart.

I was home. And it had never felt so good.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Joie De Vivre-- The Tumblr Edition.

This has been a long time coming, friends, and I could not be more excited to finally share this mini side project of mine with you all. While there is undoubtedly some editing & fiddling still yet to come, let me be the first to warmly introduce you to joie de vivre's Tumblr counterpart.

Over the past 14 months, this little space of mine has been a experiment of labored love. For those of you who have been gracious enough to stick around for a while now, you know firsthand the ways in which things have changed and grown and ultimately evolved to be as they now are. With each post,  joie de vivre has come to be something more than it was last-- something a bit closer towards what I always hoped and envisioned it would be. And now, with the addition of a whole new space chock-full of visual inspiration, I am so excited to see where this journey of creative exploration continues to lead. 

I do hope you'll stick around to join me. 

So with that said, click here to wander on over to joie de vivre (the Tumblr edition).
Poke around. Stay awhile. I hope you like what you see.
Happy exploring.

(P.S. Know that you can always find a link to the joie de vivre Tumblr up top next to the "About Me" section!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Road Trip.

I've been jonesing to take a road trip for years now. I swear, even just the thought of it immediately sends me into a tailspin of desire-- Driving coast to coast, hiking by day & camping by night, learning to know the sound of silence beneath the great expanse of a starry sky, gaining an even deeper appreciation for the heartland of this beautiful country I've called home all my life-- oh, be still my heart.

And sure, while there are always those minor barriers of time, money & reality to wrestle with when it comes to this dream trip of mine, it certainly only fuels the fire when I stumble across features like the following that make me wish I could just up and fall head over heels right into the pages. I mean, can you blame me? That VW! Those mountains! (And my gosh, that adorably darling baby girl!) Swoon. Also, small side note to self: Add New Zealand to the very top of the list. Immediately.

Take a look--

By the way, for my fellow travel bugs out there for whom this is your first encounter with Wayfare, I can assure you it won't (and most certainly shouldn't) be your last. A quarterly publication celebrating the art of the journey, Wayfare recognizes that "travel is not defined by how many miles you cover... it's about the spirit of discovery-- breaking out of your routine to unwind, connect, and learn." Love that! Simply put, it will quickly become your new favorite travel and inspiration guidebook- that I can promise you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekend In Review.

It was an absolutely perfect Labor Day weekend up here in New York-- cloudless blue skies & abundant sunshine, three days of watching incredible tennis with my parents who were in town for our annual trek out to Queens for the Open, a lazy Monday spent catching up with good friends over delicious food (see below fruit, yogurt & museli combo from Peels!) and hours of aimlessly wandering around the city & some spare time in the kitchen working to clean out my fridge of last week's CSA goodness with an "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" pizza for the week. All in all, life was pretty darn sweet.

Hard to fathom today is already Wednesday... whew.
Happy Hump Day, all.