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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Makers.

Just this past weekend as we were walking to brunch, I was explaining to a dear friend of mine how much I miss photography being a constant in my life. For weeks now, in fact, I've been toying with the idea of starting up a small documentary project-- using my camera to better acquaint myself with the people and places in my neighborhood, really having a chance to see and feel the heartbeat of this borough. The thought of it just thrills me. But, as it usually does, life has kept me busy with other things. 

It's funny, though, how a twist of fate and wee bit of irony can unexpectedly lead you directly to something you've been envisioning all along, isn't it? Enter Jennifer Causey and her unbelievable project, The Makers. In her own words--

"I am lucky to live in Brooklyn, New York. It’s a place full of energy and creative spirit; located close enough to the lights and frenetic energy of Manhattan to have a big city feel, yet far away enough to give a sense of space and small town community. In this hectic, industrialized modern world, I am constantly seeking handmade and artisan-produced products. I love discovering people who embrace a more tactile way of living, so I decided to start photographing them... As the project evolves, so does the adventure and pleasure of documenting the people behind the products: to learn what inspires them, what keeps them going, and their thoughts on the city where they live and work."

From bakers to florists, designers to mixologists, The Makers documents the unique stories and individuals that thrive between the city streets of Brooklyn. It's beautifully done, exquisitely executed, and above all else, so incredibly personable. While you absolutely must check out The Makers in its entirety, I wanted to share a few of my favorite snapshots (all of which are linked to their respective projects):

Incredible, isn't it?

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your beautiful work and for being the final kick in the tush that I needed to get going with plans of my own! You ready, 2012? We've got a new project to conquer.

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  1. I was just reading about Jen Causey's photography through another blog I think you would LOVE: Miss you!