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Thursday, December 15, 2011


5 months, 100 posts, 6,243 views & readers in 23 countries around the world. I have two words for you all-- Holy. Moly.

From the United States to Australia, Russia to Hong Kong, Ethipoia to Latvia, and everyone in between-- hello, hello!! But more than anything, thank you. Sincerely.

It's absolutely amazing to me that this little blog, which began with the sole intention of providing me with a small outlet for creative expression in my life, has turned into something so much bigger than I could have ever expected or asked for. But as I've finagled my way down this new and exciting path, learning and growing as I go, I'm so very glad that you all have graciously jumped on board and joined me for the journey. I could not be more thrilled to be able to share all this with you.

Thank you for your time, your thoughts, and for sharing your own passions with me. Thank you for stopping on by joie de vivre and consequently deciding to return again, and then again. But most of all, thank you for being the most incredible source of inspiration that I could have ever asked for-- I'm not sure joie de vivre would be where it is today without knowing that you all were here as well.

Here's to many more months of sharing and celebrating all of the little moments in our lives that remind us just how wonderful each day truly is.

With love,

(P.S. Don't forget that you're always welcome to reach out to me by email or by leaving comments below-- it's always such a treat hearing from you!)

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