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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Road Trip.

I've been jonesing to take a road trip for years now. I swear, even just the thought of it immediately sends me into a tailspin of desire-- Driving coast to coast, hiking by day & camping by night, learning to know the sound of silence beneath the great expanse of a starry sky, gaining an even deeper appreciation for the heartland of this beautiful country I've called home all my life-- oh, be still my heart.

And sure, while there are always those minor barriers of time, money & reality to wrestle with when it comes to this dream trip of mine, it certainly only fuels the fire when I stumble across features like the following that make me wish I could just up and fall head over heels right into the pages. I mean, can you blame me? That VW! Those mountains! (And my gosh, that adorably darling baby girl!) Swoon. Also, small side note to self: Add New Zealand to the very top of the list. Immediately.

Take a look--

By the way, for my fellow travel bugs out there for whom this is your first encounter with Wayfare, I can assure you it won't (and most certainly shouldn't) be your last. A quarterly publication celebrating the art of the journey, Wayfare recognizes that "travel is not defined by how many miles you cover... it's about the spirit of discovery-- breaking out of your routine to unwind, connect, and learn." Love that! Simply put, it will quickly become your new favorite travel and inspiration guidebook- that I can promise you. Enjoy!

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