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Monday, August 27, 2012

Where I've Been.

Just in case my one, singular (and incredibly lonely) post from this month hasn't dropped a rather large hint as to how crazy this summer season has been, something tells me my complete absence from all things blog related has surely spoken volumes. Yikes. Sorry for straying so far from posting daily, or even weekly for that matter, friends. This whole cycle of irregularity that I seem to have subconsciously fallen into has been frustrating. And for weeks, there has been a scratching at the back of my brain, desperately asking to be to rectified, but alas the timing just hasn't been right. There were too many interruptions already written into the calendar, too many roadblocks down the road still yet to be hurdled, but hey- such is life, right? Well, here we are. And I could not be more thrilled to give you all a big, warm hello. Boy have I missed this little space of mine.

So with that, and before looking onward, I wanted to share a little bit of where I've been these past few weeks (apologies for the constant reliance on Instagram; I promise the dust will be blown off of my Canon oh so very soon)--

The beautiful coast of Southern California where the air was salty and the sun was strong

An open air theater in San Diego where a little FUN. filled my heart and awakened my soul  

The streets and landmarks of Coronado that have felt like home to me since I was young

Charlottesville, VA where I wished with all my might that time might stand still for a few days

Lexington, VA to celebrate a sacred milestone in the life of a dear friend from high school

My dear New York where spending a lazy Sunday in places like Fish's Eddy reminds me of all the many reasons I love this city

And finally to the little cafes and ice cream shops here in Brooklyn that have allowed this borough to firmly establish itself in my heart for a good long while.

It's been a busy, but wonderful, couple of weeks over here, friends. And I hope you've been well. Looking forward to checking in again soon. 

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