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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fig & Fauna.

A 3.5 acre homestead tucked away in quaint southern Florida, Fig & Fauna Farm looks to be one of the most wonderful slices of heaven that ever was. I swear, it's stumbling upon beautiful spots of simple serenity like this farm that make my heart race and my brain whirl. And sometimes, that tugging urge to clamber into the nearest car and go off in search of my own small country farmhouse upstate to tuck away in is just too much. One of these days, I swear it's going to be. I just know it. And by gosh it better be soon.

Sticky honeycombs in the summer. Fresh eggs in the morning. Hearty soups full of rich, rooted vegetables in the winter. Nestling into a rocking chair on the back porch listening to the sound of chickens clucking in their coop and cows lowing out in the meadow as the sun dips below the horizon. Oh, be still my heart.

To read more about Fig & Fauna, check out Megan and Rose Martin's intoxicating blog chock-full of beautiful photos and wholesome recipes, here.

(All photos above via Fig & Fauna)

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