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Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Snapshots.

Happy Monday, friends! Boy has it been a long and busy day around here; sorry for not being able to pop on by until so late. After a hectic day at work, I came home from the grocery store tonight feeling inspired to throw on the rubber gloves, put iTunes on shuffle in the corner, and just get life in order a bit. Two loads of laundry, a sink clear of dishes, a freshly bleached bathtub & an apartment of scrubbed floors later, the clock had gone on ahead and struck 11PM. Shew. Let's see how long I can make this productive streak last this week, shall we? :)

In any case, before today gets away from me, I wanted to quickly stop by and be sure to share a few quick snapshots from what was a truly wonderful weekend around these parts:

1&2 -- A Saturday spent taking in the sights and smells of my all-time favorite food market. While there wasn't a stitch of room in my belly for any of those delicious pies, I can certainly attest to every single bit of deliciousness cooked into that Mexican Cemita. (One of these days I swear I'll go to Smorgasburg and actually find it in me try something other than that delicious sandwich... well, maybe.)
3&4 -- A few shots from our stroll through the first series of Williamsburg Walks. Nothing like a giant, street-size scrabble board and a few patches of sod laid out before a bluegrass band to kick off the summer street fair season, eh?
5 -- The first of many summer "AK Cakes", as a dear friend family has dubbed this delicious dessert. (In short, a giant baked sugar cookie spread thin across a baking sheet and topped with some whipped cream & lots of fresh fruit.) It's a no fail, summer go-to that will leave you all nibbling 'till the very last crumbs are gone. But really.
6 -- A simple, yet fresh & totally scrumptious brunch from Goat Town, a fairly new discovery that is slowly, but surely making its way to the top of my list of regular stops.
7 -- My newest possession (read: obsession)! Oh summer sales, how I love you so. (But really, can you blame me?)
8 -- A peek at the reason my apartment was left smelling like a little slice of heaven on Sunday night. As my good friend kindly reminded me on Sunday, while poking around my freezer for some ice, "Umm, Liz? You are aware that you've got an absurdly large bunch of super over-ripe bananas just chillin' in here, right?" Yes. Yes, I was. And a big thank you to Pinch of Yum for helping me do something about that right quick. (Three bananas down, three to go. Who wants my next loaf?)

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

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