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Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Weekend.

I woke up this morning to find something deep down inside of me craving wide, open spaces to explore and tall, towering mountains to climb. As I cracked some eggs into the pan, it dawned on my just how long it's been since I last tugged on a pair of thick woolen socks and laced up those hiking boots of mine. I was yearning for the great outdoors. For adventure. 

I miss that feeling of crisp, fresh air filling my lungs while the rhythmic crunch of the dirt trail beneath my boots keeps me moving forward. I miss the satisfaction of escaping from civilization for a good long while and enjoying an unrefined piece of the earth in all of its wild and untamed beauty. And I miss the landscapes of Utah, of Alaska, and of Wyoming-- and all of the many ways in which they are special and unique.

Oh. Be still, my heart.

But it's Friday, and I've got a wonderful weekend to look forward to here in the city-- and what a treat that most certainly is. As for those mountains of mine, I suppose for now I'll have to vicariously live through the photos above and hope that somewhere down the road, there's soon to be a plane ticket & trail head with my name on it. Until then, fingers crossed for an urban adventure to be discovered here in my neck of the Brooklyn woods.

Till Monday, friends.

(Above linked photos via The 10 Cent Designer)

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