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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Lately.

Sorry for the silence as of late, friends. Life has been busy. And hectic. And totally crazed. But it's life, and as it usually does, it goes on. And thank goodness for that. Here are a few quick snapshots from the brief moments of peace I've found myself with over the past few days--

1 & 2 -- My apartment has been overrun with boxes as of late. Between new bedding (huzzah!) and some furniture for the patio (extra special huzzah!) I feel like the past week of my life has been lived amidst mountains of cardboard. Regardless, I pulled out the handy man tools and got to work. And I'll tell ya, it's amazing the things you discover you're able to do when all of a sudden you realize love seats and end tables won't magically assemble themselves.
2 & 3 -- This past weekend found me in Philly for the Broad St. Run: a 10-miler I wasn't entirely prepared or trained for. Regardless, crossing that finish line in one piece felt pretty darn awesome. Oh, and that bowl of delicious bolognese I indulged in afterwards? Yeah, that wasn't half bad either. Amen for carbs. (And delicious, Italian carbs at that.)
4 & 5 -- With a few hours to spare before catching my train back to the city, mom and I wandered on over to Philly's Redding Market for an afternoon of perusing stalls and wishing we had room in our bellies for more treats.
6 & 7 -- As I boarded the USS Intrepid on Monday for an incredible conference spent alongside some of the foremost leaders and thinkers in the Veteran's space, I couldn't help but think how truly lucky I am to be able to do what I do. And as if listening to panels moderated by the likes of Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, and Brian Williams weren't enough to give Monday a gold star all on their own, schmoozing beneath fighter jet wings and beside giant helo blades definitely counted for something.
8 & 9 -- Some incredibly thoughtful gifts from two dear friends of mine. I can't even begin to express how blessed I am to have individuals in my life who both know & treat me as well as my friends do. Now, time to whip up some of that delicious Derby Pie and spend the night getting lost in a good book.

Hope you all have been well!

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