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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Les Marchés.

No surprises here, this girl loves her markets. From the big time fleas to the local, weekend farmer's markets, whether I'm on the hunt for something or not, if there's a stall to be perused or a stack to be sorted through, sign me up. So naturally, when I discovered that the plan for last week was to align our day trips to the little medieval towns of Southern France with their scheduled weekday marchés, I was one happy camper. And holy moly-- It. Was. Wonderful.

The vibrant colors of the fresh fruits & veggies set against the patterns of the Provencal linen; the intoxicating smells of roasted tomato and paella mixed with a hint of fragrant soaps from across the way; the sound of the butcher's knife hitting the cutting board and the constant buzz of locals bartering down the prices of their wares-- there was so much to savor and absorb. I could have wandered those endless cobblestone streets forever and still not captured or seen it all, but I did my best to soak up every second that I possibly could. 


Oh, for the love of god-- my mouth starts to water just looking at it all. It's not too soon to go back, is it?

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