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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Etsy Find: Leah Duncan.

I've made a promise to myself to live my life in pursuit of my 'sugar': my hopes, my goals, and ultimately my happiness. It means living life with courage and going for everything I want so, at the end of the day, life feels sweet. -- Leah Duncan

An Austin based artist, Leah Duncan is a quick-witted, eloquent, and extremely talented visionary who has worked to create a world where "quirky meets beautiful, folk meets modern, and feminine meets delicate." A self-taught creative soul, determined to make a living doing what she loved most, Leah spent her time learning to sew, draw, surface pattern design and ultimately poured her heart into a line of work that in 3 short years was picked up by both handmade and boutique markets around the world as well as household names such as Urban Outfitters and Teroforma. One look at her incredible work, however, and there's no doubt that there is still a bright future ahead, yet to be seen.


Feeling like you can't get enough? (Don't worry, I'm totally obsessed, too) Check out Leah's website & Etsy shop where you can learn more about her background, current projects, and of course purchase her work.
(All above photos via Leah Duncan)

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