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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ballerina Project.

For the past 10 years, photographer Dane Shitagi has been breathing life into an incredible collection of photographs that uniquely juxtapose the innate beauty of two personal sources of his inspiration-- his current hometown of New York City and a handful of its many beautiful & talented ballerinas. While the photographs themselves are worthy of praise alone, for me, it is the unexpected relationship between dancer & landscape that is created and captured within each still that makes Ballerina Project unlike any other collection of photographs that I've ever seen before. I just love the long, graceful lines against the angular architecture of the city landscape; the softness and beauty of the human form against the harshness and grit of an urban environment; and the subtle and natural existence of each dancer in a location that is unexpected in every way.

Shitagi explains-- I tried to take pictures of the ballerinas- not of their dancing. I tried to portray their souls- not their steps. As photographers, we often try to capture 'momentums' without really acknowledging the obvious... the camera can only take stills of something that is in its essence a flow.


To learn more about Ballerina Project hop on over to the project's blog or Facebook page, where you can also view the project's photos in entirety.
To inquire about purchasing limited edition prints of the collection's photos (with a portion of proceeds being given to the photographed ballerina), click here.

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