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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wish List: The Etsy Edition.

Well, the official request for this year's Christmas wish list came through earlier this week. (Pause. Rewind. Panic.) What?! I swear, I'm not sure I'll ever really get a handle on how fast these days seem to just disappear. Then again, with November gearing up to come knockin' next week & my inability to convince Father Time to slow his roll even just for a bit, I suppose I might as well admit defeat and accept the fact that, despite my persistance, the Holidays really will be here before we know it. Oi vey.

So, for those of you who seem to be suffering from a similar "sinking boat" mentality-- with crazed schedules and endless to-dos taking up your immediate attention-- here's an early Christmas gift from me to you: My Etsy Top Five. Whether you're looking for gifts to give or items for your personal wish lists, the following five stores have long been tried & true favorites of mine that I promise won't disappoint. From the actual gift down to the perfect wrapping, I've got you covered, friends.

Happy perusing!


Leah Duncan: One of my all time favorite shops & creative types, Leah Duncan is always my first stop when I'm in need of gift ideas (both for others and, especially, myself). From beautiful letterpress prints to gorgeous textiles, Leah's high-quality products are sure to deliver no matter the occasion. (Oh, did I mention she's a fellow Brooklynite? Yeah. Extra cool points in my book, just sayin'.) Learn more about Leah, here

CORIUMI: Lithuanian duo Inga and her husband Arvydas are the creative geniuses behind the beautiful bag brand CORIUMI. With the intent of adding a "special touch to simple looks with unique, attention-grabbing geometric patterns, interesting color schemes and the beautiful textures of leather and suede," all I can say is... mission accomplished. Read more about CORIUMI on their Etsy feature, here.


Evajuliet Atelier: Born from the brains of Canadian graphic designer Eva and the brawn of her beautiful, antique tabletop letterpress, Juliet, this little Etsy shop is one you're not going to want to pass by. Simply put, Evajuliet is letterpress done right. Learn more, here.


Knot & Bow: I'm a sucker for beautiful wrapping and craft supplies. There, I said it. And trust me when I say Knot & Bow has been a large contributing factor to my obsession-- but hey, can you blame me? From labels and stickers to tags and twine, there's about a million reasons shop owner Erin Ozer has successfully grabbed the attention of the likes of Martha Stewart, Design*Sponge and HGTV. (Oh, and she's an absolute gem to work with, too.) Learn more about Knot & Bow, here.

Ampersandity: For the love of stamps-- need I say more? I didn't think so. Oh Ampersandity, you're pure & solid gold. (Pssst-- now through Dec. 10th, receive 10% off all Etsy store purchases using the code HOLIDAY10. Offer is good for all thank you, address and holiday stamps-- Now go!)

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  1. Love all of these!!! :) EvaJuliet is wonderful, been following her work for a while! soooooo good.

    Oh, and I miss you!