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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY: Colour Blocked Coasters.

After stumbling across this super simple DIY tutorial for colour blocked coasters over on Penelope and Pip last week, I knew my lazy weekend ahead was shaping up to be the perfect time to go ahead and give this project a whirl. And friends, trust me when I say DIY has never been so easy.

Materials Needed:
- Wooden coasters (Wishing you more luck in finding these than I had, by the way. After trips to three separate craft/art supply stores, I called it a day with these unfurnished pine squares.)
- Masking or packaging tape
- Acrylic paint (of any shade you like!)
- Paint brush (and paint tray, if you feel so inclined)
- Metallic spray paint
- Clear glaze spray (as you'll see above, I used the Triple Thick variety to ensure my paint had a thick protection from glass moisture/spills)

And with that-- off you go! All in all, the longest time spent on this project was waiting for the various coats to dry; so prepare to kick back with a good book and multitask your way through a lazy weekend afternoon. Enjoy!

p.s. my apologies for having to resort to Instagram for these photos-- that finicky Canon of mine has become increasingly more stubborn as of late so bear with me while I make due!

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