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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixtape. (No. 6)

Sorry for the absence, friends. It's been one of those weeks-- far too many things on the plate & far too little time to stop on by for a bit to say hello. I do hope you've been well!

After three weeks spent on and off the road, I woke up this morning unexpectedly realizing how ready I am to get back to Brooklyn-- ready to get back home. I miss the familiar warmth & comfort of my apartment; the ebb and flow of my neighborhood. It's funny how even the littlest of details can start tugging at your heartstrings after a while, isn't it? Regardless, I think the hectic nature of all this travel has started to slowly take its toll a bit.

With Wednesday still two days away, I've got the following mix of familiar sounds and melodies on steady repeat to keep me chuggin' along until my wheels touch down in New York. Here's to a productive week ahead for us all, friends. Be back soon.

Museum of Flight -- Damien Jurado
Sooner or Later -- Mat Kearney
Apologies -- Jack Savoretti
Day Glo -- Brazos
Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix) -- Adele vs. Daft Punk
Between Two Lungs -- Florence + The Machine
Heirloom -- Sufjan Stevens
This (Album) -- Ryan Montbleau Band
Streets of Philadelphia -- Bruce Springsteen
On Through The Dark -- Mesita
Cats and Dogs -- The Head and the Heart
Ottoman -- Vampire Weekend

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