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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of A Kind.

Alright, friends, here's the scoop. If you haven't yet checked out or signed up for email alerts from Of a Kind, trust me in saying that it's time to do so. With the aim of supporting new up and coming designers, Of a Kind presents one new feature each week sharing glimpses into the designer's personal stories, inspiration, training & taste while also offering special access to a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for the site. Awesome, right? From bow ties to bangles and cuffs to carry on's, Of a Kind represents a wide variety of designs and products to appeal to just about any level of taste.

One of my favorites from these past few months? This incredible briefcase from designer Ernest Alexander. Holy moly-- please & thank you.


And dare I even begin discussion around how great it would have been to have these grab bags on hand over the holidays for those last minute gifts that always left you stumped and scrambling? Genius!

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