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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Wishes.


Do you remember the hot summer nights we spent running barefoot in the grass catching lightning bugs in the backyard as dusk set in and the crickets begin to stir? And the afternoons that disappeared as we binder clipped the biggest blankets we could find to wooden chairs, working to construct the perfect indoor fort? Can you still hear the echos of our electrified screams as we raced around the basement in the dark chasing one another & only taking breaks to indulge in our apple wedges and peanut butter? It feels like just yesterday, doesn't it? But as your twentieth birthday, today, is reminding me, we've come a long, long way from those favorite childhood memories of mine:

We've spent twenty years together-- as sisters by birth, but growing to become close friends by choice-- and I could not be more thankful for the love and the many life lessons that you've graciously given to me. Despite my best effort to guide you down this unpredictable road of life, I must admit that it has always been your wisdom, your strength, and your true inner compass that have served as my most reliable sounding board-- a true testament to the character that you carry and the capable woman that you are well on your way to becoming. Caroline, you are truly one of a kind.

And with that, a toast--

Here's to another year of adventure, of laughs, and of love. Here's to climbing new mountains, both literally and figuratively, so that you might never forget that feeling of truly standing on top of the world. Here's to your future ahead, still yet to be written. And here's to looking back, every once in a while, to relive those days of childhood wonder when standing before a great, big ocean with your arms spread wide while the warmth of that summer sun on your back and the cool, salty breeze on your cheek was all that mattered most. Caroline, here's to you.

Happy Birthday.

All my love,

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