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Monday, November 28, 2011


Chickens roaming free to peck about in the grass and undergrowth, cattle lowing in the pastures beyond the creek, fresh horse tracks in the dirt along the path & a playful sheep dog bounding around through the mud puddles-- Tuckahoe Plantation is chock full of all the familiar sounds and smells of a working farm.

While known for being the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson from 1745-1752, this beautiful plantation is still kept in full working order by the family that currently owns and maintains its grounds. And aside from being kept open year-round for the public's enjoyment, this beautiful plantation also happens to be only a mile down the road from my parent's house-- which also means it was the perfect place for me to spend some time yesterday with my camera.

There's truly nothing like getting outdoors on a warm, beautiful day and seeing the world through a lens for a bit. Love. 


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