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Monday, October 3, 2011

Cable knit.

Well, I had every intention of finding some time today to share all of the wonderful things that I got into this weekend, but the day just seemed to be completely swallowed up whole. I'm not quite sure how the skies have gone all dark and the moon is already hanging heavy in the sky. Oh Mondays-- you always seem to do this to me.

More on my wonderful weekend at a later point this week, but I couldn't pass on sharing these incredibly cozy looking sweaters with you all. My weekend in DC proved to be an unbelievably (and unexpectedly) frigid one and boy do I wish I would have had one of these gorgeous cable knits to snuggle into. Just looking at these is getting me so incredibly excited for the cold weather to come and stay for good.

All images via pinterest.

More to come soon, friends. Sweet dreams for now.

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