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Monday, September 26, 2011


I really don't think my body will ever get used to the shock of the Monday morning alarm. Why oh why must you be so painful? Ooph.

On a more cheerful note, I had an absolutely amazing time in Virginia this past weekend and wanted to share a few fun photos:

1 & 2 -- There is just nothing that defines Fall for me more than the festivities surrounding a home football game in Charlottesville.  Indulging in a (large) cup of brunch punch and a Big Jim's BBQ sandwich all while sharing a belly full of laughs with good friends-- I swear it's the most divine slice of perfection pie I could ask for.

3 & 4 -- Had the time of my life sharing my weekend with these fools. I've got so many wonderful memories of time spent with this group from the past 4 years and having a chance to seamlessly fall back into old pranks & inside jokes was just so, so much fun. I think the sore abs that I woke up with on Sunday morning as a result of nothing other than hours of laughing on Saturday stands as a true testament to how much fun I have with these wonderful people. So much love to you all!!

5 -- Check out the unbelievable sunset that I caught a glimpse of outside the Richmond Airport as I waited to board my flight back to New York last night. I swear-- you just don't get that much open sky up here in the city.

And so begins the start of another week.

Happy Monday, all!

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